Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Behind The Times

I feel like each time I take a step in the right direction of welcoming electronics from this decade into my home, my pride takes a hit. First, I got an automatic coffee maker (Thanks, Aunt Marilyn!), only to find out that the next thing in kitchen appliances is an HDTV refrigerator. My coffee triumph lived for mere moments.

After my ego repaired itself, I got wireless internet. To fully explain, it went in conjunction with a new computer that I desperately needed and put off for a long time. But after doing without for so long, a need became a luxury in its own right. And I was so excited for my new living room addition. UNTIL I heard about USB Furniture. That's right, folks. Couches that act as couches, device portals and memory devices. My couch remembers a few things of her own, but nothing that a memory can recall- just a sensitive nose. (Thanks, Marley's unsteady stomach.)

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