Wednesday, December 2, 2009

15 Uses/Reasons For News Print

Newspapers, to me, have always held this magical intrigue. Like, how can someone have the patience to read that many word with a flimsy piece of paper that will not stand up straight for long and will rip and bleed all over your fingers? And talk about pressure! There is no book-marking allowed. You can't get tired and try and pick it up the next day, because it's no longer "news" at that point. And to people who choose their sections, I admire your trying. You don't read the newspaper, though. You try. And try as you might, you could very possibly always be reading the wrong section and you would never even know it.

I have fond memories of newspapers, though. My father's parents sitting in side-by-side beige crocheted chairs in their Florida living room. Reading glasses drifting to the tips of their noses and they seamlessly finished sections and traded them off. I was fascinated with their fluid movements, their voracious reading, their comfort in repetition- allowing the news to be the only changing piece of their ritual. I was never quite so fascinated with what they were reading, so I would sit on the floor and read a chapter of a book, jump on the couch facing them, read another one. Go out onto their terrace and read another while constantly peering at them though their sliding glass door. Back then, I thought I was anxiously awaiting movement because that meant Pool! or Movie! or Lunch! But now I think that I was mesmerized by their routine and their love of it and their love of one another.

And I may have just discovered some uses for incorporating some News Print back into my life. Here are 15 Uses and Reasons for News Print. My favorites include Recession Wallpaper, Burn For Warmth and Wrap A Present. Maybe the internet can't solve everything....

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