Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tupac's Alive- Again, or Still?

A long time ago, a comedian wrote this sentiment for a show or their own performance, but the thought was basically something like, "I have proof Tupac's not dead, because he comes out with a new album every year." Same thing with Biggie. I remember when my world was rocked with their deaths. I felt cheated and immensely saddened. But the whole grieving process never took place. Even now, over thirteen years later, there are new Tupac specials on TV. How could I miss someone who has never gone away?

Here's the info. if anyone's interested:

Every Wednesday on Fuse is a Hip Hop Invasion!

The brightest stars in the Hip Hop universe, from Jay-Z to Lil' Wayne, are taking over Concerts, Documentaries, Music Videos and Interviews on Fuse. It's a full-scale Hip Hop Invasion every Wednesday starting at 7pm/6c!

TONIGHT (Nov. 4th) tune-in to Fuse for specials on LIL' WAYNE, 50 CENT, THE GAME, TUPAC, NELLY and more:


-Videos at 8:30pm/7c
-“Tupac Shakur: Before I Wake” Documentary at 9pm/8c

I know I won't be missing the Yankee game for this, but I think I may just be visiting on commercials, for my 1996 self.

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