Friday, November 20, 2009

Anderson Hearts Jewel

And so I love Anderson Cooper! I've always been a Jewel freak, but people think I am so enamored with her personal story because I have been so enamored with her music. And I can definitely announce that I can and do separate the two. Anderson Cooper has Jewel share some of her life HERE.

For more on her noble cause of providing everyone with clean drinking water, all information can be found HERE.

And for the most interesting read, check out how Jewel makes a lifetime's worth of struggle and success fit into a succinct synopsis. Full story HERE.

At spring break all kids had to leave the campus. But I couldn’t afford to get to Alaska, so I decided to learn 4 chords on the guitar (my dad had always played guitar, not me) and get on a train in Detroit to busk my way across the country. I made up lyrics about what I saw traveling. It took several days to sing my way across the country- earning my ticket money one street corner at a time when the train stopped.

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