Friday, October 23, 2009

Mojo's Not Alone

My father had a huge hand in me getting Marley, as he footed the *initial* bill, so as to ensure I didn't buy a pitbull. Once he heard I thought black puggles looked like miniature pitbulls, Marley was mine. He sometimes likes to say how he technically owns her, and I politely remind him that I had out-paid him by her fourth month of life.

Mojo's story is a bit rough around the edges, and either the multitude of his previous owners and mishandling's or simply his genetic make-up has made him into high strung. I'd use a more forceful phrase, but there are a lack of options. He pants and looks around alertly even in his almost catatonic state. I love him just as he is. My father does not. But for all the times he has said there is no other "freak" dog like Mojo on this planet, I had to show him the truth. There is at least one.

This is a video of a very hyper dog, both of her "parents" are bloggers (Dooce and Blurbomat), that I am an enormous fan of. Dad, I just wanted you to see this as proof that Mojo is not alone in his insanity.

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