Monday, October 19, 2009


I spent the better portion of the past week on my couch. I always thought given that much downtime, I would rip through some books, get some writing done, make inspirational to-do lists. The majority of my hours were filled with trying to meditate out pain, as dramatic as that sounds. One day, I'll get into the nitty gritty details. Not today, though. The percocet is really a deterrent to typing.

One thing that did stimulate my brain ever so slightly was finding celebrity look-alike's on TV. The trick will be to finding pictures that are as close as possible so that everyone can agree with me.

First up, Mila Kunis (Jackie from That 70's Show) and Sarah Hyland (Haley from Modern Family). By the way, if you haven't started watching Modern Family, I implore you to. It's been the best 30 minutes of my week.

My next catch was the shocking likeness shared between Emmanuelle Chriqui (Sloan from Entourage) and Nina Dobrev (Elena from Vampire Diaries). And yes, it takes a certain amount of self-confidence to admit that I watch the show. And I will also share that I think the writing and acting is less than stellar, but it's so close to Twilight I cannot seem to turn away.

Also from the Vampire Diaries, the character Logan, Chris J. Johnson, looks a bit like Ryan Seacrest in some shots, but there are practically zero pictures of him online, so you'll have to watch to see. But perhaps the WB11, or whatever the channel is called now, casts only look-a-like's and I am the first person to crack the case! That would make this past week seem a little better.

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