Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Virtual Nose Job

I'm pretty excited about this virtual nose job website I stumbled upon, FaceTouchUp.com. Why, you ask? Because like every good Jewish girl, I have wondered what it would be like to augment my nose. That is NOT to say that I think Jewish girls need to change their noses more than anyone else, or that anyone should ever get their noses worked on. It's just that after a stereotype gets thrown in your face so many times, you can't help but wonder "What if?" What if my nose really is too big? What would I look like with a feature adjusted ever so slightly?

For the most part, I am anti-rhinoplasty. After seeing it performed on TV once, and almost throwing up, I knew it would never happen for me. But I always go back to the notion that I could have a daughter one day. How could I tell her she is beautiful and perfect and should feel comfortable in her own skin if she has the same nose I was born with and then changed, because I didn't like it? And let's not forget the lesson heard around the world: Jennifer Gray. Nobody puts Baby in the corner, but Baby disappeared, and Hollywood's put Jen in the corner for decades.

Dangling carrots are another thing though. It's easy to say no when it is cost prohibitive, but I couldn't say no when all I had to do was upload my picture!



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