Monday, July 6, 2009

Mojo's A Racist

That's right. I said it. My dog hates white dogs. The smaller and fluffier, the angrier and more violent his reaction. And it took me almost three years to figure this out?! I feel like a parent who's 18 year old son didn't graduate, because he can't read, but you thought he was "Doin' just fine."

Mojo lives with a white human (Me) and a black sister (Marley) and he himself is white, gray, black, silver, gold, tan and brown. You'd think he would be open-minded! This enormous realization reared its ugly head Saturday night, as I walked the dogs up and down the Hudson River in order to see the Fireworks, while also scoring some stranger love. Long story short, we didn't get the best seat on the dock, and Mojo has this crazy pathetic limpy gimp thing going on from his intolerance of hard surfaces on his feet. There he goes being intolerant again!

After his third irate reaction towards a small, white, fluffy dog, and his completely placid and friendly reactions to every other dog and person we encountered, it hit me over the head. And just as Jim Carey's memories flooded him an a shower of sadness and shame after he realizes he made out with a man in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, I too was flooded with every memory of Mojo's hatred. The poor, severely unattractive white Maltese down the hall with the four inch underbite? He tried eating her. The larger white poodle walking outside of my building? My arms are still scratched from trying to detain him. The time I watched Ben's mostly white Cockapoo, and Mojo had to be physically detained for a twenty minute cooling off period until they could become frick and frack. Can this aversion be real? Could it have something to do with Ben's Ollie humping his head for hours at a time that one night.....

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