Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kingston Wins

Rocco, Lourdes, Mercy, Apple, Moses, Bronx Mowgli, Sunday, Zuma, Kingston, Ammon, Romeo, Cash, Harlow, Ryder, Alabama Luella, Everly Bear all have one very lucky thing in common. Their parents can afford to send them to years and years and years of psychotherapy, which otherwise wouldn't have been needed if their parents weren't following suit in the latest trend of bizarre baby names. I like strange names, to be honest, but I think these parents should really consider what images come to mind with certain words.

MSG's put together this slideshow, and I got to see a handful of shots that I haven't seen before. (Of course, I've been way out of the loop lately.) There are just some word associations that don't add up to me. For instance....

When I think of Everly Bear, this image pops up:

But in reality, it's Anthony Kiedis's son. Anthony, you named your son EVERLY BEAR.

The one name that is right on the money is Kingston. Because who isn't a king when you look like Gavin Rossdale? Answer: Nobody.

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