Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Puppies Behind Bars

The wonderful and talented Ms. Glenn Close was on Oprah last week, and I have to say this, she isn't at all the evil and conniving wench she is always type cast as. Really. And if she is, she came up with the best cover ever: Supporting puppies!

In an effort to both rehabilitate war veterans and American prisoners, "Puppies Behind Bars" was created, having prisoners train working dogs from puppy to adult. Once these dogs are trained to properly assist people suffering from PTSD and other ailments, Iraqi War Veterans receive these dogs as lifelong partners, bringing these war vets back from mental lapses, debilitating nightmares, and everything else that comes with brain-related wounds. 

For interested dog owners to help, there is now a DogTags Chewy available for purchase at The plastic chew toy is an imprint of a soldiers footprint. "With every Chewy Shoe purchase, $2 will be contributed to the DogTags program to train more 'service dogs for soldiers who've served us.'"

I fully support this program, and will be getting some DogTags for friends. Marley, however, will not be supporting this cause. As plastic toys serve her as merely an appetizer to a night spent in the dog emergency room.

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