Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Only In New Jersey

"A Westville man who reportedly couldn’t pay his bar tab wound up being charged with using his own feces to draw on the walls and set fire to a bathroom in the police station."
New Jersey has been getting a lot of bad press lately! 

Bravo TV started a new season of "The Real Housewives" and the women chosen to represent my state are spoiled bitches or slutty washed up hags, or I should say, they appear to be. Haha. Like the one woman who gets "skeeved" at the idea of moving into a house someone else lived in so her husband has to build her one. And the $120,000 she spent on furniture and decorations in one shopping trip.... For her master bedroom only! Or the woman who looks like her teenage daughter and can't stand up to her to get her to do homework or not invite a group of friends over to her little brother's birthday party. I don't know what was more upsetting: Knowing that she was ruining her daughter, or the fact that she allowed a relatively new "friend" in her life to get in the middle of her trying to talk with her daughter. And the new friend: a promiscuous woman who is raising two girls on her own, and teaching them that the only way to make money is to date money. If you are so desperate for cash, why don't you sell the mansion, move into a town home (Gasp!) and look for work while you have some cushioning? And I've only seen 1.5 episodes!

The E!TV created a show called "Jersey Shore Unleashed." After it's first episode, it disappeared. Let's hope it's because it was cancelled fairly, and not because the mafia had children on the show portrayed honestly and brain dead and they illegally put the show on hiatus. I watched it. I wished I hadn't. The fact that people that insipid are anywhere is terrifying enough, without having to worry about bumping in to them next week while I'm on vacation.

And finally, a show my friend was glued to when I went to her house: DEA on Spike. In a nutshell, it follows a crew of DEA agents (Drug Enforcement Administration) in New Jersey, follow leads, make arrests and drug busts, and explain stake-outs. It was definitely the best of all of these shows, but there is something about hearing "Bergen County," and seeing what the show is, in my "backyard," that makes the show awful. Wouldn't this show be better in South Central, L.A.? Or on the streets of Detroit? (On the website, it actually does list Detroit as a location of the show, but I haven't seen it yet.) Poor N.J.!

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