Monday, May 4, 2009

Invisible Children

While getting my Friday Oprah fix, a young group of activists were able to secure some on-air time, which I have never seen happen, so I thought I would give them some real estate here, as well.

These young activists saw a film made about the enslavement and abuse of Ugandan children, and decided to make it their mission to grow their group and raise awareness and hopefully funds. I started screening the video this weekend, and I will finish it soon. The only reason I stopped watching is because after a week of reality, I thought it would be best to combat life with fluff for a little while.

As far as international atrocities go, I can safely say I am not well educated. But the fact that this Ugandan situation is rampant is reason enough for everyone to at least know about it. Knowledge is power, even if being a member of the world's most "powerful" country doesn't feel so right now.

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