Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Homeless Real World

THIS was one bizarre link... At first, before I opened the link, I thought it was a joke. Then, I read the article, and it sounded revolutionary and poignant and needed today.
That said, the defining-moments that led to the cast members’ circumstances are revealed during the course of the show. So too are the special skills needed to survive life on the street, which in Denver during winter sometimes means sleeping in three feet of snow. The footage depicts such rawness that Metzger calls it “actuality” TV.
The approach that the producers took to shooting the series is unlike anything on TV. The producers bonded closely with the subjects, at times breaking the fourth wall in the footage. Interviews are more conversation than Q&A and feature nothing like the typical “confessionals” adopted by so many reality shows.
“The cast and crew became so close that they’re still very much in touch with each other,” Ayoub says. “So we can tell you what everyone is doing today.
Since filming wrapped, three cast members entered detox programs, one got off the streets entirely and one passed away, Ayoub says. One cast member told him that in sobriety, they tell you to look back on your last drunken stupor as a reminder of where you never want to be again. “My last drunken stupor is on video tape, and I will always be able to look at it,” the cast member said.
Then, I watched the video. And let me tell you, my hopes deteriorated quickly. It started out "okay," but then unravelled. Is this real? (No pun intended.) The depictions seemed dramatized by someone with an IQ of 3. So disappointing! It's no wonder this show on the homeless can't find a home channel.

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