Thursday, May 21, 2009

A.I. Elimination Recap- Season 8

Last night was finally the season finale of American Idol, finally a winner would be picked, finally I could go back to reading the book I put on hold in January when this damned season started! I have to hand it to the producers, though, as last night's show was by far the most entertaining Idol I have ever seen! I didn't even fast forward. (That just doesn't happen.) I felt like I was at a show, and I'm no usually so gullible.

The evening started off with a reunited Top 13 singing not so well. The one chick who looks like Gabrielle Union should go into modeling, and silent films, and hiding.... But then David Cook was there to ease my ringing ears. He lost his brother to cancer this week, and his performance was made available on ITunes with all proceeds going to ABCsquared, raising money for cancer. I applaud his strength to be able to be on stage- and showing people up- in the midst of this tragedy.

There was a new portion to the show: The Golden Idol Awards. All together, they were as follows:
  • Outstanding Male: Nick Mitchell, aka Norman Gentle
  • Best attitude: Katrina Darrell, aka Bikini Girl (She was terrible, beyond bad, and then Kara DioGuardi came out, showed her up vocally, and then at the end of the song, ripped her dress open to reveal her amazing bikini body. So really, all Kara should be jealous of is a tan, and that costs $8- I think she can cover that.) See that HERE!
  • Outstanding Female: Tatiana Del Toro
Lil Rounds teamed up with Queen Latifah for a good rendition of "Cue The Rain." The only real question I have is: "WHY, oh, WHY is Queen Latifah wearing THAT?!?"

Alexis Grace and Anoop Desai sang with Jason Mraz solo for a bit, and then the Top 13 rushed the stage and everyone sang together. But with Jason Mraz holding his notes, the group sounded miraculously better.

Kris Allen was put with Keith Urban to sing "Kiss A Superstar," and I just don't think that is fair, when you consider who Adam got to duet with. But in case anyone is a Keith fan, you should know that he got completely outdone by Kris, and nobody watching or listening can argue that.

All of the girls in the Top 13 got to duet with Fergie, which turned into an awesome Black Eyed Peas performance. Yes, I have the oldest Black Eyed Peas album in my car and I listen to it every morning before work. Problem?

Allison Iraheta got to perform an intimate version of "Time After Time" with Cindi Lauper. Who doesn't love that song? They sounded awesome together, and even though it was slow, and ten seconds of that song is repeated over and over and over and over again, I couldn't bring myself to skip ahead.

Danny Gokey got to sing with Lionel Richie, who can still hold his own, and they sounded very professional together. I literally catch myself grinning when Danny Gokey is singing. It's mortifying. I need to see someone about that...

Adam Lambert got to duet with.... KISS! How does that even come close to comparing to Keith Urban? Hahaha. He out sang each member of KISS. And did anyone else think that Gene Simmons looked like a bigger fool than usual? I mean, he was sticking his tongue out like he had electro-shock therapy and something in his brain kept reminding him to open his mouth awkwardly wide and to stick his tongue out. We get it, you have a long tongue, and that your schtick is to stick it out on stage, but come on, close your mouth sometimes. Embarrassing.

Matt Giraud gave a mediocre performance alongside Santana, before the whole group came out on stage to help out. 

The most interesting twist of the night was "Pretty Flowers," written and co-performed by Steve Martin, with Megan Joy and Michael Sarver singing as Steve played a sitar(?). The song was good, but it was even better to see a comedic genius prove himself to be an all around entertaining genius.

The guys of the Top 13 performed an introduction piece to Rod Stewart who apparently wanted nobody singing at the same time as him. Little does he know that he sounds like an exasperated old man and could have used some back-up support. He looked so old, and his wig looked so new. 

Towards the end, Adam and Kris sing together, performing "We Are The Champions," as Queen, or what's left of them, joins them for a touching song. And after a record breaking almost 100 million votes were cast, the shock of the year: Adam Lambert Loses!

The only thing that sucks for Kris Allen right now is that "No Boundaries" has to be his first single. Hopefully, he can have a say in the rest of his album... And all is right and fair in the world, for an hour or so.

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