Friday, May 8, 2009

A.I. Elimination Recap- Season 8

Watching American Idol's elimination show this week felt a lot like being in Vegas at some circus of performers who are so not complimentary to each other that you'd swear you dropped acid thirty minutes before taking your seats. Of course, all of my knowledge stems from having seen Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas a few too million times.

Let's get the elimination out of the way, much like the complete opposite of what Ryan Seacrest is paid to do: Allison was sent home. I think it's pretty sad that the only rock chick is getting sent home during Rock Week. I think she kicked ass, I think she kicks ass, I will buy her album, as long as it doesn't ****ass, and I'm pretty excited for the Gokey, Allen, Lambert playoffs.

Now, onto the performances.... First, the entire foursome group performed with Slash. I thought everyone held their own except Miss Allison Iraheta. She was weak. Speaking of weak: The next performer was none other than Paula Abdul. Here's my problem: fifty year olds cannot be 19 year old Britney Spears. It doesn't work, it shouldn't work, it didn't work. She can move for a fifty year old, but there are things to wear, and she wasn't wearing even half of that. And I am trying to figure out one thing.... I understand that it would be impossible for her to move as much as she did and sing well, I hope that the Idol producers didn't think that their fancy camera work hid for a millisecond that she was lip-synching, but why would anyone choose to pre-record their voice in a crappy "whisper sing?" Oh, Paula, you are a cold hearted snake.

Next up was No Doubt, who looked good, played well, and should have given Gwen a sedative before she ran on stage like a naturally hyper child that just ate a whole candy store (and injected crack directly into her blood stream.) Were the mid sentence five push-ups necessary? Or the body flailing? I will say, she is a goddess and I am jealous of who she gets to get into bed with, and who Gavin gets to get into bed with.

And lastly, there was Daughtry. He always sounds spot on. This performance was no exception But did anyone else notice that his song lasted for about 6 minutes too long?

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