Friday, May 1, 2009

A.I. Elimination Recap- Season 8

For starters, Allison and Danny were immediately told they were safe- thank goodness! That made the bottom three comprised of Adam Lambert, Matt Giraud, and Kris Allen. Kris Allen was saved first, and then Adam Lambert was saved, sending Matty G. home. If anyone says they are surprised, I would be damn curious to see what show they've invested too many hours into. Matt sang really well leaving, but it doesn't matter, he is the bottom of that group, no matter how well he does. I will miss him. And I'm pretty upset that they didn't have the real Justin Timberlake on as a mentor so they could stand side-by-side.

The first guest "singer" of the night was Natalie Cole. She looked great, and sounded astonishingly awful. My mother would smack me over the head if she read this, but it would have been a welcome reprieve to have my ears ringing out the sound of her "singing."

Everyone else (Taylor Hicks and Jamie Foxx) sounded a-okay.

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