Friday, April 24, 2009

No Poops, No Oops

Let me preface this post by saying that PooTrap has not hired me to advertise their product. If they had, I would most definitely still be writing this same exact content.

The best place to start is at the video itself. Take your time, soak it in so to speak, it's a little painful, but the amusement far outweighs the annoyance factors:

In case you didn't have the chance to check out the video, in short, it is a video truly elaborating on the product called PooTrap. This product is a body length harness system to snap your dog into. Around the dog's anus, there is a two-pieced magnet that you can remove the outer piece to attach a bag around, and then snap the magnet together again. After the dog poops into said device, its owner must then remove the magnet, peel off the plastic bag, tie that bag, throw it out, and remove the harness straps from all around their dog. And this device, this creation among creations, is to aid in the ease and cleanliness of picking up your dogs' feces while outdoors. Sounds easy, right?

Okay, once the video has been absorbed, there are two additional links to wrap yourselves around in order to truly alleviate any questions. For the sake of ease, here is the link to purchase from: This site is fairly comprehensive, and the genius marketers of this product really understand the USA public.

The second, and last, link is far and away my favorite. It is, from what I have gathered, the international page for PooTrap. The best section, if one were so inclined to read up is the Q and A section. Here are some of the greatest excerpts:

  • "The big difference between dogs and cats is that dogs could be trained better by human beings." Get angry, cat owners! They are clearly inferring that cats are better trained by evil demons.
  • "Some dogs might feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, however, after first 5 to 10 minutes, however, they will get used it it." However, however, indeed.
  • "There are many things that dog don't like, such as shower, home alone, or even dog food. However, once they are used to all these things, they will be excited. According to our survey, 98% of dogs will get used to 'PooTrap' once they try it for three days. Soon, they'll make connection between 'PooTrap' and 'going out' , and wearing PooTrap will become their favorite activity." 98%, eh? I am sold!
  • "We recommend that you put 'PooTrap' on your dogs in outdoor area. Being in outdoor indicated to dogs that it's time for them to put on 'PooTrap' , It would be a strong incentive for dogs to wear 'PooTrap' in outdoor a few times. In no time, most dogs would wear 'PooTrap' like air. The 'PooTrap' will become their second nature." Wearing it like air. You don't get better than that, I don't think.
And- I'm done.

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