Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New York City Garbage Sculptures

I know, I know.... When I first heart the term "New York City Garbage Sculptures," I thought of crusty leftover garbage growing live bacteria's on the sidewalks of Chinatown. How wrong- and right- I was! A 25 year old, from Connecticut of all places, named Justin Gignac, has taken "Going Green" to a whole new level!

He has decided to collect trash, place said trash artfully in clear plastic cubes, and sell each box for fifty dollars. I had an instant "WHY did I not think of that!' moment, but it passed when I remembered my gagging almost instantly near the smell of real garbage. Hopefully, he doesn't get tracked down by an angry swarm of street combers looking for their 5 cent recycling returns. I applaud his creativity and level of business savvy. I even think the boxes are a cute idea, but then the thought of a plastic crack emitting a rotten funk quickly vaporizes the word "cute" from the equation. If I had to pick one on the spot, I think I would go with Cube #163, which contains a kit kat wrapper, a can of diet coke, a cigarette butt, a match box, a Heineken label, some string, a marlboro box and a parking receipt.

I hope he does well, while I also hope I never see such a box in an actual New Yorker's apartment. On second thought, I'm still pretty pissed I didn't think of this.

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