Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol Recap- Season 8

Last night...
Me: "Does Ryan Seacrest have a mohawk thing going on?"
Julia: "I don't know. He has a major case of gay face all the time."

Last night's episode was based around cinematic movie tunes. Quentin Tarantino was the week's "mentor," and since he has so much experience as a singer, or a singing coach, I think that was a brilliant choice- not at all a very thinly veiled and desperate attempt to gain coverage where coverage may have been lacking.

The first singer of the night was Allison Iraheta. "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing," by Aerosmith, seemed like a good, albeit immature choice. I think she did a good job. I think she could be singing a lot better at this point in the competition. She sounded like she was scratching the surface of her projection and this is not the song to be reserved with. The judges liked it more than I thought they would.

Anoop Desai was second with "Everything I Do, I Do It For You" by Bryan Adams. Quentin suggested he growled, which just further proved to me that he was an absurd choice to mentor these guys, he couldn't have ever seen Anoop sing if he thought he was capable of that. On one hand, his voice sounded incredible, but could I stand 12 songs? Highly doubtful. It was boring, and generic, and blah.

Adam Lambert chose "Born To Be Wild," and I was disappointed before he started singing. Such a bad song! So out of touch with today. And he sounded like Adam, which is great and the best and all that, but it's a song I could never stand to have on my playlist. However, his performance did inspire Paula Abdul's greatest quote of all of ever! Paul: "Adam, the reason that you're shaking up this whole competition is that you dare to dance in the path of greatness, you do. And fortune rewards the brave and you're one of the bravest contestants I've ever seen." Barf-laugh-barf-laugh.

Matt Giraud picked "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman," again, by Bryan Adams, from Don Juan Demarco. I thought it was just boring and mediocre. Have you ever really asked a woman for her advice on your song picks? Or a man? Or anyone that isn't trying to sabotage your stay on American Idol?

When they announced that Danny Gokey was going to be singing "Endless Love" by Lionel Ritchie, I wanted to throw in the towel! It started off a little "pitchy," got better, but was never great. Abyssmal song choice from the start though. Even Simon commented that the song obviously meant a lot to him, so he held back. But if the song means that much to him, he should have added riffs and filled it with passion. He did neither.

Kris Allen came through with the strongest strong choice of the night, in my opinion. He picked "Falling Slowly" from Once. Finaly!! Great perfect amazing song choice. I love this song so much! He keeps growing so much in this competition. He makes me feel like a neglectful proud parent. Like, I had favored his siblings, but he keeps getting better and now I want to put his face as a bumper sticker on the back of my mini-van. Randy said it never caught on and was pitchy, and I think he is out of his head. By the way, Kara said one of his best performances ever.

Lil Rounds rounded up the evening with "The Rose." My first thought: How is this at all the type of song the judges have been all but begging her to sing? She started the first HALF of the
song sounding strange and nasally. I liked how she got more "gospelly" in the second half, I just still thought the pace was killing me and she never sounded good. Not great, not good. Really, it's time to go home to your many babies.

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