Thursday, April 23, 2009

A.I. Elimination Recap- Season 8

Last night's elimination threw no curve balls, and I liked it! Since this was an unprecedented night where two contestants were to be ejected, the American Idol producers certainly threw a curveball by kicking off the worst contestant right away: Lil Rounds. She made sad faces, and talked about her babies, and sang better than she had the night before, but this isn't a sympathy competition. If it were, she still wouldn't win, so her course was definitely run and then some. 

The other bottom two of the night were Allison Iraheta and Anoop Desai. Of course Anoop went home. Aside from being pitted against a girl who could potentially have a timeless and enormous career in the music industry, Anoop has been picked in the bottom three every single week. Technically, he was in the bottom one of the judges final 12, so they made him number 13. I like him, and I couldn't help but think that his parents sighed a huge breath of relief that he will be returning to medical school in "Chapel Hill!" I hope I can avoid running into more people saying that they were "shocked" or "outraged" that Anoop got sent home. Did you vote for him? No. Was he your favorite? No. Do you think he was the best, even if you thought he was good? No. Was he ever at the top of the pack? No.

Personally, the saddest parts of the night were definitely when the singers of Disco started shaking their groove thangs on stage. The women were dressed horridly, I thought I was going to see some disco balls, if you know what I mean. And KC of KC and The Sunshine Band. Seeing his disco balls may have been better than listening to them. I'm sure they were honored, and their music had a time in the past, but American Idol should have at least sprung for some back up vocals, to help the elderly out.

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